Fourniture de matériel de branchements


Страна: Нигер
Язык: EN
Номер: 5362149
Дата публикации: 09-11-2017
Источник: The World Bank


Project: P153743 - Electricity Access Expansion Project | Country: Niger | Team Leader: Luengo, Manuel | Product Line:
General Information
Bid Description Fourniture de matériel de branchements
Notice Type Contract Award
Borrower Bid Reference ICB Award
Language of Notice French
Contract Award

Project: P153743-Electricity Access ExpansionProject
Loan/Credit /TF Info: IDA-57550
Bid/Contract Reference No: AOI-02/CGP/NELACEP/17
ProcurementMethod: RFB-Appel d"offre s
Scope of Contract: Fourniture de matériel debranchements
Notice Version No:1

Contract SignatureDate
Duration of Contract

Awarded Bidder(s):ETS BENCO TRADING
Niamey, Niger

Bid Price at Opening
XOF 1,977,633,180

Evaluated Bid Price
XOF 1,977,633,180
Signed Contractprice
XOF 1,977,633,180

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